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Arista has defined its solution to the needs of enterprise and service provider customers as data-driven cloud networking. While the concept of data-driven decision making and cloud networking are well understood they are not well understood in combination. Find out what is behind this concept and how it applies to Arista solutions and challenges faced by real customers in building and operating stable, reliable and secure network infrastructures.

This webinar will review how Arista innovations in architecture design have influenced and differentiated Arista’s core network operating system, Arista EOS.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why Arista dedicated it’s software development to a core concept of shared state
  • How streaming updates work and give visibility to what’s happening under the covers in your network,using available network APIs, and how you can take advantage of these using popular tools

  • Why partners are eager to leverage centralized data and what Arista is doing to extend its data lake architecture to an ecosystem of value-added solutions


Doug Gourlay

Vice President/General Manager, Cloud Networking Software, Arista Networks

Fred Hsu

Distinguished Solutions Engineer, Arista Networks