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Arista’s cloud-grade routing platforms were first introduced six years ago and redefined datacenter spine, DCI and edge networking. These platforms are based on the cloud principles of scale-out architectures, standards-based protocols, and software-driven controls. Powered by EOS Network Data Lake (NetDLTM), a single software base runs across all Arista platforms for both switching and routing use-cases delivering operational consistency, modern programmability and deployment flexibility. Many customers have already leveraged the 7280R3 and 7800R3 to accelerate their network transformation.

Arista’s latest innovations on the R3 Series products drive new use cases, including secure enterprise edge, high speed cloud connect, and mobile networks. The two-part webinar series will review the new technologies, solutions and products that allows a wider set of customers to reap the benefits of cloud grade architectures.

The new R3 series products double the number of customer choices, lower power and improve flexibility, with new configurations, features and innovations.

Session 2: Cloud-Grade Routing Innovations and Solutions

November 17th at 10AM PT / 1PM ET