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   5-1  March 5-14, 2024          6-1  2 PM GMT / 3 PM CET

Arista Networking Forum Webinar Series

The virtual Arista Networking Forums are introductory sessions designed to give you an overview of Arista, our technology solutions and real-life implementations.

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Agenda & Speakers

Session 1: Tuesday, 5 March - 2 PM GMT / 3 PM CET

Arista Company Overview - Disrupting the Status Quo

  • Arista Company Overview
  • Arista Differentiation and Use Cases Modern Operating Model - architecture, automation
  • Cloud-based Networking Principles
  • Arista Solutions Portfolio & CloudVision Overview
  • Arista Quality and Support

See the first session's agenda in detail.

Guy Alexander
Regional Director

Session 2: Thursday, 7 March - 2 PM GMT / 3 PM CET

Our Vision of Future Networking

  • How a future network design delivers Scalability, High Availability and Reliability / Leaf & Spine Architecture design
  • Transferring experience from cloud to the enterprise market in DC and Campus
  • Openness & Standards: standardisation is the first step towards automation
  • Leveraging Ethernet: scalability, extendability and higher energy efficiency
  • Architecture design principles from DC to Campus
  • Migration made easy - don't be afraid of choosing a new vendor
  • Customer Testimonial

See the second session's agenda in detail.

Sebastien Keller
Account Manager

Session 3: Tuesday, 12 March - 2 PM GMT / 3 PM CET

Network Automation and Visibility

  • Approaches to Automation
  • Network OS and Tools
  • Monitoring the Network
  • Network Data Lake
  • Arista Validated Design
  • Customer Story Example

See the third session's agenda in detail.

Stuart Steele
Global Client Director
Carl Buchmann
Manager, Solutions Engineer
Marcus McPeek
Systems Engineer

Session 4: Thursday, 14 March - 2 PM GMT / 3 PM CET

Network Security - Visibility into the Unknown

  • Stories from the field - Why do we need Network Detection and Response (NDR)
  • Extending Zero Trust to the Data Center and Campus Networks
  • How Arista NDR fills the Network Security and Visibility gaps
  • Identifying Threats with Arista Network Detection and Response
  • Integrating NDR into the Network Infrastructure

See the fourth session's agenda in detail.

Abdullrazaq Zahran
Security Sales Engineer
Fraser Kyne
Systems Engineer NDR

Our Agenda in Detail

Session 1: Arista Company Overview - Disrupting the Status Quo

In this introductory session, Regional Director Guy Alexander examines the key differentiators, including our design principles, that have made Arista Networks a leader in cloud-based network architectures.

We provide a technology overview covering everything from our data center and campus architectures, and from our routing to our zero-trust security solutions, to build a comprehensive understanding of Arista's strategy and vision."

Session 2: Our Vision of Future Networking

In our second session, Sebastien Keller shows how organisations can move away from outdated legacy network designs and adopt a cloud-based networking solution that is modern, scalable, easier to manage and monitor.

We discuss how to leverage Arista's open standards based data center and campus solutions to integrate into your existing network to improve efficiency and reduce costs. The session concludes with a customer sharing a real-world example and their experiences working with Arista. 

Session 3: Network Automation and Visibility

During our third session, Global Client Director Stuart Steele and Senior Solutions Engineer Carl Buchman take you on a Software-Driven journey to discover how to simplify operations, enhance visibility, and fortify security.

Understand from real-world use cases the benefits of our open and standards-based network operating system, the advantages of our zero-touch provisioning offer, and how automation empowers businesses to thrive on the road to network autonomy.

Session 4: Network Security - Visibility into the Unknown

In our final session, we will articulate the role of the network in order to increase resiliency. We will present how to Defend, Detect, Diagnose and Remediate applying the Zero Trust architecture with a focus on Situational Awareness through Full Packet Analysis.

You will have the chance to see live the High Fidelity Threat Hunting and Autonomous Security benefits of Arista's Network Detection & Response (NDR) platform.

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