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Marius Keown & Micholl Tom

Regional Director / Systems Engineer


Guy Alexander  & Yonatan Porat

Regional Director / Systems Engineer


Carl Buchmann & James Smith

Solutions Engineer / SE Manager


Marc Rispoli & Fraser Kyne

Sales Director / Systems Engineer NDR


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Who is it for?

The virtual Arista Networking Forums are introductory sessions designed to give you an overview of Arista, our technology solutions and real-life implementations.

Tuesday, 21 March - 10 am GMT / 11 am CET / 2pm GST

Disrupting the Status Quo - An Introduction to Arista

  • Arista Company Overview and Origins
  • Arista Differentiation
  • Cloud-based Networking Principles
  • Our Solutions Portfolio

Thursday, 23 March - 10 am GMT / 11 am CET / 2 pm GST

Achieving Better Automation and Visibility for the Data Center & Campus 

  • Different ways to automate the network
  • Introducing CloudVision Automation
  • CloudVision Studios
  • CloudVision real-time telemetry analytics
  • Live Demo

Tuesday, 28 March - 1.30 pm BST / 2.30 pm CEST / 4.30 pm GST

Modernizing Network Operations with CI Pipeline and AVD Network Models

  • Modern Operating Model
  • Arista CI Pipeline
  • Arista Validated Designs
  • Demo (Open CI Pipeline)

Thursday, 30 March - 10 am BST / 11 am CEST / 1 pm GST

Achieving Higher Resiliency for the Network, and through the Network

  • The Role of the Network in Resiliency
  • EnvironmentNetwork Resilience Maturity Model
  • Arista's Zero Trust Approach
  • Adding Situational Awareness through your Cognitive Campus
  • Identifying Threats with Arista Network Detection and Response
  • Demo

Our Agenda in Detail

Disrupting the Status Quo - An Introduction to Arista

In this introductory session, we will cover who Arista is, from our humble beginnings to a leader in the networking industry. We will talk about what differentiates Arista from other vendors in our approach to software, hardware, and operating modern networks.

Next we will look at our design principles that enables our customers to run their own network in a modern and efficient way, and finish off by setting the scene for the next session in our Arista Networking Forum series.

Achieving better Automation & Visibility for the Data Center and Campus 

Today's networks are smarter, easier to manage, monitor, and troubleshoot.

We're going to discuss at a high level how to improve automation and visibility with Arista in order to increase efficiency and reduce costs, with the help of tools such as Sflow, Real Time Telemetry and configuration automation.

Modernizing Network Operations with CI Pipeline and AVD Network Models

Networks have become larger and more complex, and network teams must evolve their operating model to meet the business’s needs. Many network operations teams face challenges when attempting to automate their networks due to the complexity of the tools, lack of expertise, and an overwhelming number of tool choices.

Our third webinar in this series focuses on how the Arista CI Pipeline addresses these challenges by providing a comprehensive solution that automates the full life cycle of network provisioning from config generation to pre and post-deployment validation and self-documentation.

Achieving Higher Resiliency for the Network, and through the Network

In our final session, we will articulate the role of the network in order to increase resiliency. We will present how to Defend, Detect, Diagnose and Remediate applying the Zero Trust architecture with a focus on Situational Awareness through Full Packet Analysis.

You will have a chance to see live the High Fidelity Threat Hunting and Autonomous Security benefits of Arista's Network Detection & Response (NDR) platform.

"We felt the support of Arista from the very beginning, their engineering team, their partners, they’ve been with us in the different phases of the project. The support from Arista’s team was outstanding."
IE University, Madrid