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Daniel Förnes & Patrik Olsson

Account Manager / Systems Engineer


Guy Alexander  & Yonatan Porat

Regional Director / Systems Engineer


Peter Gerbig  & Thomas Jahnke

Account Manager / Systems Engineer


Christian Buhrow & Robert Baumgartner

Account Manager / Systems Engineer NDR


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Who is it for?

Are you new to Arista, simply want a refresher or would like to explore some of Arista's newest solutions?

The virtual Arista Networking Forums are introductory sessions designed to give you an overview of Arista, our technology solutions and real-life implementations.

Tuesday, 15 March - 10 am GMT

Disrupting the Status Quo - An Introduction to Arista

  • Arista Company Overview and Origins
  • Why Arista Equals Quality
  • Cloud-based Networking Principles
  • Our Solutions Portfolio

Tuesday, 22 March - 10 am GMT

Achieving better automation and visibility for the Data Center & Campus 

  • Different ways to automate the network
  • Introducing CloudVision Automation
  • CloudVision real-time telemetry analytics
  • Live Demo

Tuesday, 29 March - 10 am BST

Why an Open, Highly Available, Reliable, Scalable network gives you planning confidence and room to grow

  • Openness & Standards: why getting away from proprietary features is important
  • How a modern network design delivers High Availability and Reliability
  • Leveraging Ethernet: scalability, extendability and higher energy efficiency
  • Migration made easy - don't be afraid of choosing a new vendor

Tuesday, 05 April - 10 am BST

Secure Networks with End-to-End Visibility

  • Intro to Arista Security solutions (NDR)
  • The Importance of NDR in a Zero-Trust Environment
  • Product Demo

Our Agenda in Detail

Disrupting the Status Quo - An Introduction to Arista

Who is Arista Networks, where did we come from, and how did we become an industry leader in the datacenter, routing and campus space? This introductory session will begin with information about our position in the market and what analysts and customers have to say about Arista.

We'll conclude with a short overview of CloudVision, our universal network management tool, to set the scene for the next session in our Arista Networking Forum series.

Achieving better automation & visibility for the Data Center/Campus 

Networks today are smarter, they are easier to manage, monitor and troubleshoot.

In this session we'll explore at a high level how to achieve better automation and visibility with Arista in order to minimize overhead and save costs, all with industry open standards.

Why an Open, Highly Available, Reliable, Scalable Network gives you planning confidence & room to grow

Do you need to refresh your Network Infrastructure? Are you unsure of the IT & business requirements in 3 years time?

In this session we will show you how to shift gears implementing a new scalable, future-proof infrastructure while giving you the confidence in your planning and budget usage.

Secure Networks with End-to-End Visibility

In our final session we'll show how the Arista NDR platform provides the visibility and security that is needed to enable a zero-trust architecture.

The Arista network detection and response (NDR) platform combines AI with human expertise to autonomously hunt and respond to insider and external threats while providing triage digital forensics and incident responses across campus, data center and IoT. 

"We liked that the Arista EOS is the same across all the switches, it’s easy to operate and low maintenance. Another benefit was the centralised orchestration capability which was very powerful."