Jayshree Ullal

President and CEO, Arista

Kenneth Duda

Founder, CTO & Senior Vice President, Software Engineering, Arista

Andy Bechtolsheim
Founder, Chief Development Officer and Chairman, Arista
Ken Kiser circle.png
Vice President Global Sales, Arista
John Peach
Technical Director EMEA, Arista
Darrin Thomason
Director of Worldwide Training and Certification, Arista
Chris Barnard

Vice President, European Telecommunications and Networking, IDC

Ariel Pisetzky
Vice President, Information Technology, Taboola
Darren Miller
Principal Network Engineer, IG Group
Jiri Prochazka

Chief Technology Officer, CDN77

Andy Davidson
Chief Technology Officer, Asteroid International BV
Arista Innovate 2017 London
Please register only for yourself. If a colleague would like to register please ask them to do so seperately using their own device.

Wednesday 4th October

12.00pm:  Registration and Lunch
12.50pm: Welcome & Introduction - Ken Kiser, VP Global Sales, Arista
1.00pm: Arista Executive Overview – Jayshree Ullal, CEO, Arista
1.45pm: Future Technology Trends in the Data Centre - Ken Duda, 
  Founder, CTO & Senior Vice President, Software 
  Engineering, Arista
2.30pm:  The Cloudification of EMEA - Ken Kiser, VP Global Sales
3.00pm: Break
3.30pm: Strategic Insights to Help Companies Achieve their Business
  Objectives – Chris Barnard, VP EMEA, IDC
4.15pm:  Take Control of your Network - a Customer’s Journey - Ariel
  Pisetzky, VP IT, Taboola
4.45pm: Simplifying the Data Network - Darren Miller, 
  Principal Network Engineer, IG Group
5.05pm: Customer Case Study - Joakim Sundberg, Founder and CEO,
  Baffin Bay Networks
5.30pm: Close of Formal Session
6.00pm:  Drinks Reception 
7.00pm: Dinner


Thursday 5th October

9.30am: Morning Welcome and Introduction to the Day's Schedule - 
  John Peach, Technical Director EMEA, Arista
9.45am:  Arista Solutions - Preview Next Generation Products & 
  Platforms - Andy Bechtolsheim, Founder, Chief Development
  Officer and Chairman, Arista
10.45am: Break


Breakout Sessions and/or Specialist Sessions (which will be repeated at 2.00pm). Breakout sessions comprise of a choice of:

  • Enterprise Session
  • Service Provider and Next Gen Wide Area & VPN
  • Training Taster Session 

Our ‘Specialist Sessions’ which will run in parallel to the breakout sessions and will allow you to arrange 1-to-1 meetings with:

  • Advanced Services
  • Technical Experts
  • Training and TAC teams
1.00pm:  Lunch
2.00pm:  Repeat Breakout Sessions and/or Specialist Sessions
4.00pm:  Wrap Up and Close of Formal Session


Overnight accommodation is provided at the Cumberland Hotel at a subsidised rate of £200 for Innovate attendees. Please indicate if you need accommodation on the registration form.


Enterprise Breakout Session

This session is held twice: 11:15am - 1:00pm OR 2:00pm - 3:45pm

This session will demonstrate how Arista can help enterprise customers, achieve new levels of responsiveness with their private, public and hybrid cloud networks, thus supporting the changing dynamics of their respective businesses.  
Discover mechanisms for obtaining deep insight into current and historical network status and demonstrate how rapid, network-wide automated provisioning can ensure the network continues to deliver for the business. 
Consider how service orchestration can be streamlined through the tighter integration of private cloud networks, public cloud and security devices, thereby protecting key information assets from attack and improving system availability.  To conclude the session, we will show how Arista tools can be used to help to identify potential future problems, ensure effective change control and that the network always complies to organisational standards.

Service Provider and Next Generation Wide Area & VPN Services

This session is held twice:11:15am - 1:00pm OR 2:00pm - 3:45pm

The session will discuss the evolving trends in the service provider market as operators drive to reduce OpEx costs while increasing revenue with new, agile and innovative services.  Learn how the lessons of the Data Centre and Cloud arena are being adopted by Service Providers to move to a more automated, software focused approach.

Discover how the rapid evolution of merchant silicon is disrupting the traditional router market, enabling Providers to meet the growing capacity requirements of OTT services, Internet peering and next generation VPN technologies and DCI solutions for the traditional Enterprise. 

Learn how overlay networks (MPLS and VXLAN), combined with the real-time visibility and programmability of Arista’s EOS operating system, are being deployed by Service Providers to deliver automated, scale up and scale out models for NFV. 

Training Taster Session 

This session is held twice:11:15am - 1:00pm OR 2:00pm - 3:45pm

Our Training Taster session delivered by Darrin Thomason, Director of Worldwide Training and Certification at Arista, offers a glimpse across the Arista Certification curriculum with modules taken from our popular ACE, ALE, APE and AME courses.

You will learn about key capabilities in EOS and CloudVision with practical examples that can be replicated in production environments to help realise significant operational savings.


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