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Working on the cutting edge of low latency networks brings a constant need to go even “faster”. Global financial institutions and financial services firms deploying extremely fast Layer 1 switching have a significant technology challenge to interconnect key systems and in-network applications deployed on FPGAs and, at the same time, eliminate as much latency as possible. As you add capacity the scale of the ultra-high performance network systems has become constrained by both device density and overall solution complexity.

Arista challenged its engineering teams to find innovative solutions to enable a new generation of fast and efficient financial infrastructure. This webinar will review how combining large Layer 1 fabrics, programmable open networking silicon, multiple powerful FPGAs, and robust CPU complexes has delivered a new level of simplicity, scalability and performance for low latency infrastructure and in-network applications. The new solutions provide reductions in overall latency, space and power for systems deployed in the most expensive and space constrained environments. At the same time they have added flexibility with new composable network elements that reduce the time to deploy, operate and manage the critical infrastructure of low latency trading. 


David Snowdon

Director of Engineering

Arista Networks

Darrin Machay

Principal Systems Engineer

Arista Networks