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Enterprise Network Administrators are dealing with the constant demand to support video intensive applications and proliferating IoT devices. Wi-Fi 6E and its extension into the 6 GHz frequency range addresses these issues but also brings some new challenges. 

This webinar will discuss Wi-Fi 6E benefits and open questions. Arista Wi-Fi product experts will talk about Arista’s new Wi-Fi C-360 6E Access Point and how it helps Enterprise network administrators to take advantage of this new technology.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Wi-Fi 6E benefits overview and challenges
  • Wi-Fi 6E security considerations
  • Wi-Fi 6E client connectivity troubleshooting challenges
  • Backhaul and PoE considerations
  • Introduction to the Arista C-360 6E Cognitive Unified Edge access point solution
  • Using Group PSK manage IoT device connectivity and secure traffic from IoT devices