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In today’s environment, enterprise network operations teams have had to adapt their approach for rolling out new network services to meet changing business needs. To do this in an automated way, the underlying network needs to evolve from legacy models based on brittle, command line device control to modern, abstracted models providing network-wide control. 

CloudVision’s existing network configuration management approach delivers streamlined network provisioning through a centralized model that leverages configuration inheritance and reuse principles. Building on this, Arista is introducing CloudVision Studios: new capabilities for automating configuration workflows within CloudVision and providing a flexible abstraction between the business and the underlying network.

In this webinar, learn how CloudVision Studios simplifies automation with a modern and consistent approach for initial and ongoing provisioning with pre-built, guided config workflows. Catering to all levels of network expertise, learn how CloudVision Studios can help you with your network automation goals.



Ryan Madsen

Director, Software Engineering

Arista Networks
Paul Druce
Manager, Systems Engineering
Arista Networks
Lavanya Conjeevaram

Product Manager

Arista Networks