Ensuring the integrity of media flows within and between facilities requires planning to determine what should be analyzed and where these tools should be located. Should every flow be analyzed? Are analytics required? What is the price of staying blind? How do these tools help to ensure reliability without overwhelming the operator with information? 
PTP within an engineered facility is working well worldwide. Extending the PTP envelope between facilities, and integrating PTP with traditional sync requires care - our second session focuses on the advanced topics around PTP.
UHD and HDR have become considerations in almost every large facility build - how do these requirements change the planning and design of ST2110 systems?
Building upon the prior Arista, Imagine Communications and Telestream three part PTP series, this new series covers best practices that enables the next generation multi format  broadcast facility. 
Session 1: Integrity and Monitoring of IP Streams - September 14th

Confidence monitoring requires the right tools in the right location. This session examines the tools available for monitoring streams, timing, and correlating events. Information is power. Wisdom comes from the proper tools to pinpoint and resolve issues quickly.  
Session 2: Unifying Timing for Modern Broadcast Systems - September 21st 

Unifying baseband and PTP timing and inter-facility timing are examined in this very informative session. Example deployments, considerations and dependencies will help you understand how to prepare for and deploy a unified timing system.  

Session 3: Journey to HDR, UHD, 4K, and Beyond - September 28th

IP enables the ability to handle multiple formats. What are the considerations in a multi-format workflow? How does a facility prepare for 4K and beyond? This session explores the multi-format design challenges, capacity planning, system requirements and design best practices.