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Experienced analysts are hard to hire and retain and if your team has the luxury of one, they are more than likely over-worked. Is the use of artificial intelligence to solve this challenge, hype or reality? Dr. Ed Amoroso, CEO, TAG Cyber and Fmr. CISO of AT&T has led large security teams and spent decades in the industry. Join this webinar to first hear his perspective on the promise of AI to solve real-world security team challenges. Then listen in as Gary Golomb, Co-founder and Chief Scientist at Awake Security, showcases how the Awake Security Platform uses a number of AI techniques to correlate and analyze the flood of data seen on modern networks. He will demonstrate how, Ava, Awake's autonomous security analyst, delivers a security-decision support system so analysts, irrespective of skill level, have the right data at their fingertips. Attend and see why early results observed within Awake's customers show that Ava frequently finds more incident-related activity than a senior human investigator analyzing the same activity.


Ed Amoroso
Chief Executive Officer
TAG Cyber
Rudolph Araujo
Vice President, Marketing
Awake Security
Gary Golomb
Co-founder and Chief Scientist
Awake Security